Lyncbiz works with the largest enterprise customers in India and also has a pulse of the SMB market place. Based on the needs of these organizations, Lyncbiz looks to partner with chosen few global and Indian startups who have innovative solutions to solve the unique challenges faced by corporate India. Specifically, for companies who do not have India presence Lyncbiz provides the platform to build the India business

Challenges to Start in India

  • Understand local markets dynamics
  • Access to Large enterprise at the top and operational level
  • High Market Entity Cost
  • Lack of Understanding of the Local Pricing for the market
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Barriers to Account Entry
  • Talent Acquisition

Lyncbiz Advantage

  • Deep corporate relationship with 200+ CxO Connects
  • Relation with top leader of State/ Center Govt. PSU Banks
  • Faster time to Market
  • Established process for local pricing discovery
  • Team for branding and marketing
  • Channel Network
  • Faster Talent Acquisition

Lyncbiz partners with select few Indian SAAS providers to help them growth hack the international market. The Lyncbiz International growth hacking team consist of a core team which has successfully launched new products in global markets, predominantly in the USA. This team provides

  • In-depth strategy with regards to product - market fit
  • IP monetization strategy
  • Relevant pricing & packaging for global markets
  • Acquire the first set of logos all the way up to scaling the business.

Lyncbiz advantages for partner

What our partner says

"We have been working together with LYNCBIZ since 2016 to introduce next generation personalized learning platform to Indian market. During this time, we have made entries into education as well as into professional development and training market. CLANED is disrupting the traditional online learning and Indian market has been welcoming our performance enhancing solution enthusiastically. Thanks to LYNCBIZ, our introductions have been very successful."

Vesa Perala
Founder of CLANED

Adit Microsys takes great pleasure in announcing its agreement to work jointly with LYNCBIZ in India and many territories outside India.
We believe this is a great coming together two organizations with complementary strengths.

Biren Shah
Managing Director of Adit Microsys