Netalytics offers a platform for network infrastructure management, which secures compliance and transfer of confidential material. With access to various network assets in a single view and integration with TAC, Netalytics puts you in the driver’s seat of your network infrastructure.

WorkApps Chat has built the first Enterprise Chat Platform that helps organizations implement an advanced Internal Chat System for more productive communication. Loaded with advanced features, it offers off payroll staff support, customer modules and a security framework apart from an ace enterprise chat system

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KinshipHub is an engagement platform targeted for business and Individual leaders to drive valuable transformation in the society/community, through a very powerful communication with stakeholder drives by superior experience.

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Digital verification process

A disruptive platform which serves to provide digital identity verification for a person’s background check. This promotes awareness about individuals background check for safety and security concerns as well helps improve police-citizen relation and keep one updated.

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EzeeTask offers a better way of managing the operations at multiple levels. Adopting this platform enhances task and compliance management. Along with managing data and generation of comprehensive reports, gives an effective way of monitoring operations at a faster pace.

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Task Management Solution