Attivo deception provides immediate value by providing “eyes inside the network” visibility and accurate detection alerting based upon decoy engagement or attempts to use deception credentials, most notably early in the attack cycle. provides visibility throughout the attack lifecycle, detects activity overlooked by traditional security controls, and accelerates incident response with automated attack analysis and incident handling.

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SalesKen offers best of AI performance for incredible insights into the last mile of customer-salesperson interactions. Having following features:

  • Sales Activity Training
  • Mobile Learning
  • Reports
  • Customization
  • Integrations
  • Security

Help sales team to improve with customized learning content to help them up their game and win!!

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Manage the entire employee lifecycle on one unified platform. Darwinbox is India's fastest growing cloud based HCM platform named Darwin Box that is built with a clear focus on intuitiveness and scalability.Having various solutions related to – Recruitment, Core HR Processes , Employee Engagement and many more !!

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Netalytics provide one stop defense solution for all phishing related threads. Combine computer vision and Artificial Intelligence to detect phishing attacks.

  • Proactive Detection
  • Real Time Analysis
  • Smart training
  • Cloud Email Integration
  • Simple Management
  • Advanced Reporting
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Claned provide a solution by combining Finnish excellence in pedagogy, learning design and technology, Claned has impacted the learning landscape. Recognized and awarded as the best service to amplify learning results and unlock the black box of learning. The excellent Learning solution users from all over the world have joined the rapidly growing community of learners

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Autoflow provide platform which expedite, standardize and streamline the vendors on-boarding processes. Pre-qualify & Expand Diverse Supply Base streamline Processes to Save Time & Money Improve Supplier Communication.

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Autoflow Technologies (Veinflow)

KinshipHub is an engagement platform targeted for business and Individual leaders to drive valuable transformation in the society/community, through a very powerful communication with stakeholder drives by superior experience.

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A disruptive platform which serves to provide digital identity verification for a person’s background check. This promotes awareness about individuals background check for safety and security concerns as well helps improve police-citizen relation and keep one updated.

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Digital verification process

Task Management Solution

EzeeTask offers a better way of managing the operations at multiple levels. Adopting this platform enhances task and compliance management. Along with managing data and generation of comprehensive reports, gives an effective way of monitoring operations at a faster pace.

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